Please follow these instructions on how to BUY your domain.

  1. Your domain was sold at auction and you can PURCHASE IT BACK NOW by CLICKING HERE: PURCHASE DOMAIN.
  2. Then contact us with your contact information and we will do the rest for you.
  3. The value of your domain is $1,067 which is based on the age and the amount of marketing and actual web traffic (approx 800-1000 unique customers a month) that are directed to OYSTERBARAWSHUCKS.COM.  We will get your domain returned to your original host.  Often times, you will have your domain back and running within an hour.   PAY NOW and we will issue a early bird 10% discount in the amount of $960 to purchase your domain.
  4. The value of your domain far exceeds this cost and is explained in depth here.
  5. Please NOTE:  It is not wise nor cost effective to buy a new domain name.  It WILL harm your existing business. YOU WILL lose a significant portion of your current business and web traffic. Your Web traffic is ATTACHED to YOUR WEB DOMAIN NOT YOUR WEBSITE.  That means, if you buy a NEW .net or .org domain name… you will also have to buy all the new web traffic to go to it.
  6. If you are also interested in hosting, You can save money by hosting with us as well.
  7. Any issues, you can call Technical Support at (617) 851-7304.